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with software company john mcafee. he was arrested in guatemala accused of entering the country illegally. he created the anti-virus software has been on the run for the past month after officials in belize tried to question him about the death of a neighbor. abc spoke with him in guatemala. >> how i would know? how would i know. >> dan: he says he has requested asylum in guatemala. he claims he is being persecuted refusing to donate to local politicians. >> i was walking like this. i had my jaws stuffed with toilet paper. >> he refused to turn himself to authorities and watching as the police officers raided his home. now, he is in custody. now back to the weather. 24 hours it has been. a large tree fell onto a home in oakland, punched a hole in the overhang that covers the front porch. a huge tree. morning commute was a mess. flooding in many places like interstate 580 near park boulevard and oakland. rain or shine, crews were hard at work in lafayette after last week's storm left behind a huge sinkhole. they brought in boulders tory to shore it up. what is coming? spencer christian is here
. we'll have a updated over on channel 7. >> john mcafee is back in the united states. he arrived in miami aboard a flight. he was quickly surrounded by reporters. >> there were a -- >> dan: he had been deported from guatemala where he was being held in a detention center as he fought extradition to belize. u.s. federal officials whether he will be questioned or detained in the united states. they say there is no active arrest warrant that would justify taking him into custody. >>> to syria where the government fired scud missiles at rebels in a significant eggs escalation of the two-year war. syria says five people died in a bombing attack on the ministry's headquarters in damascus. rebels fighting to overthrow assad have been moving closer to the capital. all of this comes as more than a hundred countries including the united states recognize the rebels as the legitimate representative of syria. this move opens the way to greater humanitarian assistance and possibly even military aide to the forces fighting assad. >>> israel's ambassador to denmark is telling jews not to wear re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2